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Initiative Leaders and Staff

TomTom Inglesby, MD, Director/CEO, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Director, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. He is an internationally recognized biosecurity expert. He was recently named Chair of the Board of Scientific Counselors to CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. From 2009-2011 he was a member of the National Academy of Sciences expert committee that reviewed the scientific approaches used during the investigation of the 2001 anthrax letters. Dr. Inglesby has also served in an advisory capacity to the Defense Science Board, the Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security, the National Institutes of Health, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He has been invited to brief White House officials from the past 3 presidential administrations on national biosecurity challenges and priorities, and he has delivered Congressional testimony on biological threats and preparedness.  Bio sketch

AnitaAnita Cicero, JD, Deputy Director/COO, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Deputy Director, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. In collaboration with the Nuclear Threat Initiative, she recently provided strategic and governance advice for the creation of CORDS, a new international organization dedicated to improving global infectious disease detection and response by linking regional disease surveillance networks. Ms. Cicero has nearly 2 decades of experience as a practicing attorney in both the US federal government and the private sector. She previously served as the Managing Partner in charge of the Washington, DC, office of Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP, where she formed and managed a range of biopharmaceutical consortia focused on scientific, regulatory, and policy issues. In the realm of biosecurity, Ms. Cicero managed a consortium of companies that focused on advancing public policy to foster research and development of medical countermeasures.  Bio sketch

CrystalCrystal Watson, MPH, Senior Associate, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Program Manager, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative (formerly Crystal Boddie). Since joining the Center in 2004, Ms. Watson's research has focused on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) terrorism risk assessment; public health preparedness; hospital and medical preparedness; biodefense; and emerging infectious diseases. From 2012 to 2013, Ms. Watson was detailed through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program (IPA) to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science and Technology Directorate. During her year at DHS, she served as the lead for the Integrated (CBRN) Terrorism Risk Assessment (ITRA) program. In 2010, Ms. Watson served as a Science Advisor for the U.S. Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation, and Terrorism. She has authored a number of articles on biosecurity including a frequently cited series of articles on federal biodefense funding.  Bio sketch | Contact Ms. Watson

MattMatt Watson, Senior Analyst, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Deputy Program Manager, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. Mr. Watson’s research interests include emerging infectious disease epidemiology, and preparedness and response to high-impact epidemics and other disasters. His interest and experience in disaster preparedness and response began on an operational level as a paramedic and firefighter. In this capacity, he learned first hand the importance of constantly improving the quality and timeliness of the response to all emergencies, regardless of scale or nature.  Bio sketch | Contact Mr. Watson

DAD.A. Henderson, MD, MPH, Distinguished Scholar, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Special Advisor, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. Donald Ainslee Henderson, MD, MPH, our distinguished colleague and friend, died on August 19 in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Henderson was a Distinguished Scholar at the JHSPH Center for Health Security and a Professor of Public Health and Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He is Dean Emeritus and Professor of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a Founding Director (1998) of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies. From November 2001 through April 2003, he served as the Director of the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and, later, as a Principal Science Advisor in the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Bio sketch

GigiGigi Kwik Gronvall, PhD, Senior Associate, JHSPH Center for Health Security; Special Advisor, Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. Dr. Gronvall is a Senior Associate at the JHSPH Center for Health Security and a Visitng Faculty at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an immunologist by training. Her work addresses the role of scientists in biosecurity—how they can diminish the threat of biological weapons and how they can contribute to an effective technical response against a biological weapon or a natural epidemic. She is the author of the book Preparing for Bioterrorism: The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Leadership in Biosecurity. Dr. Gronvall currently provides advice to the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as a member of the Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (TRAC), and she participated in the European Union Visitors Programme for 2011.  Bio sketch

Program Staff

  • Tasha King, Administrator
  • Elaine Hughes, Senior Administrative Assistant

Steering Committee Members

	Parney  Albright  PhD

Parney Albright, PhD

President and CEO, HRL Laboratories, LLC

Stephen Bartlett , PhD

British Defence Staff, Chemical and Biological Threat Reduction
	Kenneth  Bernard  MD, USPHS (Ret)

Kenneth Bernard, MD, USPHS (Ret)

Special Advisor, White House National Security Council
	Luciana  Borio  MD

Luciana Borio, MD

Acting Chief Scientist, FDA
	Lance  Brooks

Lance Brooks

Division Chief, Cooperative Biological Engagement Program, Department of Defense
	Richard  Danzig  PhD, JD

Richard Danzig, PhD, JD

A Director of the Center for a New American Security
	David  Franz  DVM, PhD

David Franz, DVM, PhD

Principal, SBD Global
	John  Grabenstein  PhD, COL, USA (Ret.)

John Grabenstein, PhD, COL, USA (Ret.)

Executive Director, Global Health & Medical Affairs, Merck Vaccines
	Jo L.  Husbands  PhD

Jo L. Husbands, PhD

Scholar/Senior Project Director, Board on Life Sciences of the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
Ambassador	Bonnie  Jenkins  PhD, JD

Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, PhD, JD

Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs, US Department of State
	Robert  Kadlec  MD

Robert Kadlec, MD

Deputy Staff Director, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
	Lawrence  Kerr  PhD

Lawrence Kerr, PhD

Director, Pandemics and Emerging Threats, Office of Global Affairs, HHS
	Ali  Khan  MD, MPH

Ali Khan, MD, MPH

Dean, UNMC College of Public Health
	Col. Randall  Larsen  USAF (Ret)

Col. Randall Larsen, USAF (Ret)

National Security Advisor, UPMC Center for Health Security
	Tara  O'Toole  MD, MPH

Tara O'Toole, MD, MPH

Executive Vice President, In-Q-Tel
RADM	Stephen   Redd  MD

RADM Stephen Redd, MD

Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
	Jaime  Yassif  PhD

Jaime Yassif, PhD

Program Officer, Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness, Open Philanthropy Project